18 Wholesome Delights Snacks Kit for Smart Snacking


Discover a world of flavor and nutrition with our Sample Kit Box. Packed with an assortment of wholesome delights, this box is a culinary journey that takes you from Baked Oats Chips to Quinoa Crunch, Beetroot Bliss, and beyond. Each item is a carefully curated delight, offering a taste of our commitment to quality and taste.

The Sample Kit Box is not just a collection of snacks; it's a symphony of textures and flavors that redefine the art of snacking. From savory Baked Bhakarwadi to the sweet indulgence of Palm Jaggery Cookies, this box is a gateway to a healthier, more delicious lifestyle. Unbox the joy of discovery with Sample Kit Box where every snack is a delightful surprise.

When selecting snacks, focus on whole, minimally processed foods and avoid snacks high in added sugars, unhealthy fats, and artificial ingredients. Pay attention to portion sizes and aim for snacks that contribute to your overall nutritional goals and dietary preferences.


<ul> <li>Convenient Variety: Enjoy a diverse range of 18 wholesome snacks in a single, convenient kit.</li> <li>Health-conscious Options: Each snack is crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, providing healthier alternatives.</li> <li>Guilt-Free Indulgence: Indulge in delicious treats without compromising on your commitment to a balanced lifestyle.</li> <li>Discover New Favorites: Explore unique flavors and textures, expanding your palate with every bite.</li> </ul>

<h2>Sample Kit Box Contents</h2> <ul> <li>Oats Chips - 30g</li> <li>Quinoa Chips - 30g</li> <li>Beetroot Chips - 30g</li> <li>Ragi Chips - 30g</li> <li>Baked Bhakarwadi - 50g</li> <li>Flax Seed Mathri - 60g</li> <li>Millet Balls-25gm</li> <li>Millet snacks- 25gm</li> <li>Soya Nuts Chatpata - 50g</li> <li>Multi Millet Cookies Ajwain - 40g</li> <li>Pearl Cookies - 40g</li> <li>Energy Bar Nutty Pretty - 20g</li> <li>Peanut - 50g</li> <li>Chana - 50g</li> <li>Millet Mixture - 25g</li> <li>Chivda Khatta Meetha - 25g</li> <li>Wheat Puff Masala/Garlic-25gm</li> <li>Masala Amla - 40g</li> </ul>

<body> <h3>Q: What is included in the Sample Kit Box?</h3> <p>A: The Sample Kit Box includes a curated selection of 18 wholesome snacks, ranging from baked chips and cookies to energy bars and savory delights. It offers a diverse array of flavors to suit various preferences.</p> <h3>Q: Are these snacks suitable for specific dietary preferences?</h3> <p>A: Yes, our Sample Kit Box caters to various dietary preferences. Some snacks are gluten-free, while others may contain nuts or specific grains. Check individual product labels for detailed allergen and dietary information.</p> <h3>Q: Can I customize the snacks in my Sample Kit Box?</h3> <p>A: Currently, we offer pre-curated Sample Kit Boxes with a fixed selection of snacks. However, we are exploring customization options for future offerings to better meet your preferences.</p> <h3>Q: How should I store the snacks in the Sample Kit Box?</h3> <p>A: To maintain freshness, store the snacks in a cool, dry place. Reseal any opened packages or transfer contents to an airtight container for prolonged quality.</p> <h3>Q: Do you ship internationally?</h3> <p>A: Yes we have facilities to ship internationally. Check our shipping policies or contact customer support for more information on international shipping options.</p> </body>

Trial Snack Box - 18 Wholesome Delights

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